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A community dedicated to the BBC adaptation Sherlock.
Hello and welcome. We are bbcsherlock, because we love the BBC adaptation Sherlock.

A few ideas for posting:
- Self-promoted fanworks. All ratings and pairings.
- Recs. Please rec fanworks to your heart's desire.
- News. Interviews with the cast and showrunners. Articles of interest. Blog posts.
- Discussion questions. Speculations. Meta.
- Fic searches. Beta requests. Rec requests.

Comm Posting Rules

1. Be kind to others. Post in a tone and with verbiage that you yourself would expect.
---> No ranting, venting, bashing of others, whether direct or indirect.
---> PLEASE avoid drama. BE RESPECTFUL.
2. No tabloid-style news. No paparazzi shots.
3. Avoid discussions about the actors' personal lives.
2. When posting, please put something in the subject line and tag appropriately.
3. Please put mature content, spoilers, or longer posts behind a cut. (Again, please tag appropriately.)
4. Please ask permission before advertising some other comm or a challenge or fest.
5. When posting fan works, please include a header with the following information:
Wordcount: (if applicable)
--->This is for your benefit too--consumers are more likely to click through and read/look/listen if they know the gist of what they're going to find.

Want to post? Easy.

Copy and paste the markups in the text boxes below. Preview your posts to make sure it's how it should look. Good to go.


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Got a question not mentioned here? Feel free to contact us. You can e-mail us at mod.bbcsherlock@gmail.com.

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